2012 Shift: Astral Projection and OBEs in Detail

Spirituality: Out of Body Experiences pirituality: Out of Body Experiences (OBE/NDE) In this video-interview, we walk the history, development and manifestations of Out of Body Experiences (OBE) and Near Death Experience (NDE) in how it developed/was programmed into the Mind of the Human-Being — where OBE's/NDE's is/have become mere dimensional-shifts within one's own Mind and not in fact, actually leaving one's human physical body… eqafe.com Spirituality: Astral Projection in Detail. In this interview, we walk the History of Astral-Projection as it evolved through and with the Mind of the Human with the advent of the separation of human-beings/the physical from the interdimensional/heaven existence — and how it came to be that Astral-Projection only manifest within the confines of one's own Mind… eqafe.com More self supportive books, interviews, and music at Eqafe www.eqafe.com Join the forum http Equal Money www.equalmoney.org Life Coaching http Agreements Course: Re-defining Relationships www.desteniiprocess.com

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