19.11. LUCID DREAMING – D’n’B @ Maria Club Berlin

ONLINE PRE-SELLING / VORVERKAUF: www.amiando.com/luciddreaming DUTY-FREE / GEBÜHRENFREI / Get your Early-Bird ticket now!! ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=231903943532553 Out of Mind presents LUCID DREAMING – Drum & Bass on two areas featuring… FRED V, GRAFIX, KOMATIC, TECHNICOLOUR, MINDSCAPE, FD, UPZET, SOLHO, ZHI MC :: Maria Liquid Area :: FRED V – Hospital, Mainframe, Bassdrive, Talkin Beatz // UK www.facebook.com/fredvhimself soundcloud.com GRAFIX – Viper, Mainframe, Talkin Beatz, Cue, Nu Urban // UK www.facebook.com/grafixmusik soundcloud.com KOMATIC – Shogun, Viper, Spearhead, Technique, Celsius, Phunkfiction // UK www.facebook.com/komaticmusic soundcloud.com TECHNICOLOUR – Shogun, Viper, Spearhead // UK www.facebook.com/technicolourism soundcloud.com UPZET – Out of Mind // GER www.facebook.com/djupzet soundcloud.com :: Josef Deep 'n' Dark Area :: MINDSCAPE – Commercial Suicide, Dispatch, Eatbrain // H www.facebook.com/mindscapednb soundcloud.com FD – Metalheadz, Critical, CIA, Invisible // UK www.facebook.com/fdbeats soundcloud.com SOLHO – Out of Mind // GER flavors.me soundcloud.com ZHI MC – Human Sampler, Asian Trouble // GER www.myspace.com/mczhi soundcloud.com NEWCOMER-DJ CONTEST WINNER Info: www.facebook.com/outofmindberlin Dekoration by MUS'ACT // F Sponsored by: SPACEHALL RECORDSTORE Zossener Straße 33 – 10961 Berlin www.spacehall.de ICKE AND FRIENDS STREETWEAR Bergmannstraße 90 – 10961 Berlin www.ickeandfriends.de VVK: 9 € AK: 12 € 23:00 h <b>…</b>

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